Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lost Glasses!

A few months ago after leaving Planet Fitness with one of my friends, I paused outside the car to put my sweatshirt on. I took my glasses off and set them on top of the car. I forgot them! When I went back I searched the whole parking lot and traced my way back to everywhere I went after to see if I could find them. There was nothing. I was so upset because those were the first pair of glasses I've ever loved on me. I kept asking for the next couple of weeks if they had any glasses when I would go into the gym. Surely someone had found them and had been a good citizen and returned my glasses. There was nothing. I gave up hope. 
Today I ordered new glasses and only had to pay $15 for them! I'm so excited. I don't have insurance so it is really hard for me to just walk into the eye dr. and get new ones. This website has really cool glasses and I love the wayfarers that I will be getting sometime next week. :) 
So go, look, and save :) if you use the discount code freefirstpair all you pay is the shipping and handling :)

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