Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Adventures In This Small Town

Hello my lovely followers. It's been a few months since I've written but I have been extremely busy lately. First off AUBREE STARTED WALKING!!!!! How exciting is that?! She wasn't trying and then one day, BAM!, she was sprinting across the room. She also says quite a few words and I'm extremely proud of the progress she has made in her vocabulary. We went to eat at my work the other night and I gave her a fork just for the heck of it and she knew what to do with it! She is such a smart cookie! 

I also have a boyfriend now. :) We started dating shortly after Aubree's birthday. His name is Josh and he is a medically retired Marine. He is the most kind, sincere and loving man I have ever met. He makes sure me and Aubree are ok and he does whatever we need without hesitation. We have moved in with him and it might seem fast to some of ya'll but for me it's not. He is in the process of purchasing a new house and hopefully we will be closing on it in the next month so we can start cleaning and painting and everything. 

I had my birthday a few weeks ago. It was just a blah birthday. Turning 25 isn't a big deal and I didn't really want to do anything like get drunk like most people my age. I have a child and need to be responsible. So like the dork I am, Josh and I stayed at home and watched Star Wars for my birthday. We did go to my dad's house that next weekend and had a cookout for mine and my sister's birthdays.

I start school tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous. I haven't been to school in about 7 years. I love school though so I can't wait to go. I decided to quit my job. The 25th of this month is going to be my last day. They haven't put me on the schedule except for maybe 1 or 2 days a week. My time would be better spent at home with Aubree and focusing on my school work.

We just got back from the beach on Thursday so I'll write a whole post on our beach trip with pictures! :) It was a blast lol. 

Love you, Mean It xoxo
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