Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Year, A New Mommy

I think making a New Year's resolution is a stupid idea. No one ever sticks to them and they forget they even made one in less then a month. So I didn't make one. Instead, I'm making a life change. I'm going to be a better mom. I feel like I do a good job but then when I see everyone else being moms I feel like I could do better. I don't color, I don't read to her every single day. But I don't feel the need to. She preoccupies herself with her toys most of the time. I have homework to do and housework and laundry. I feel like I don't have time to do all of that and sit and play with her all the time. But I'm going to stop spending so much time letting my OCD with cleaning get to me and start spending more time making sure my sweet baby knows how much I love her. And I know I'm a good mom but I want to be better. Dishes will stay dirty a little longer, clothes will stay in the washer and dryer a little longer. I will be silly and play and color and paint and take Aubree to the park more. I love her. She is my saving grace.
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