Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hand Soap From A Bar!

Ok.  Now that I'm done with school for the semester I'll be able to put more blog posts up. I've been so busy with all my school work and trying to keep a household up and running with a 2 year old. It hasn't been easy. I commend teen moms they have it harder I do. Anyways, I got this thing off Pinterest of making hand soap from a bar of soap. I have a shopping addiction at Hobby Lobby. If I go in there I rarely come out with less than $50 worth of stuff. That store has the best stuff and really helps me with my new found creativeness. The last time I was in there I found a bag of glycerin squares. I was so excited, the project I was wanting to do called for glycerin but I haven't really been looking for it. And it was only $5! What a deal! 

All you need to make the hand soap is a gallon of water, a bar of soap( which ever one you choose), and some glycerin. I used my cheese grater to shred the soap and glycerin. I now need to buy a new cheese grater as mine was a cheap one from the dollar store and I broke it while making this! OOPS! You turn the stove on about medium heat and pour all the water into the pot. After a minute or two add the soap and glycerin shavings. Stir it until the soap and glycerin melt in the water. Let it cool for a few minutes and pour it into a gallon container. VOILA! 

A gallon can fill my hand soap dispenser in the bathroom at least 8 times! It is such a good money saver and I am so glad that I found it. I will never use store bought hand soap ever again. 
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