Friday, January 4, 2013

My New Years Resolution Isn't Working Out Well

So I made that resolution to post everyday on here. But I have just been to busy so far already. Aubree has started doing this crawling thing. So I'm constantly having to move her away from stuff and try to get her attention back to her toys. I've been hanging out with more friends. I'm really trying to get into the swing of things and be more outgoing and go have fun more. I only go after Aubree goes to sleep though. I don't want to miss any of my time that I can spend with her.
As I sit here trying to think of stuff to write, I've had to move Aubree away from my DVDs half a dozen time. and she found a plastic wrapper that she rather play with then her toys. This child is forever on the go, but i wouldn't change anything for the world. 
Gotta go stop her from eating the plastic. :)
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