Friday, December 21, 2012

Sitting Here In The Hospital

I'm sitting here watching Aubree sleep so soundly after what has been quite an eventful day for her. Poor thing has been stuck with all kinds of needles and had a bunch of tests and xrays taken. She's been put on iv fluids to make her hydrated again and she's keeping down formula and pedialyte. She was very fussy early and was talking a little bit so I know she's starting to feel better. I wonder if they'll discharge her tomorrow or if they might keep her another night just for observation.

Earlier during the day we saw a bunch of fire trucks and cops below her view at the creek. My dad said something about a security guy wrecking his golf cart into the water. Unfortunately Aubrees nurse informed us that a woman's body was found there. That's so sad. Prayers for her family please tonight yall, whoever she may be.

I'll keep you guys posted on twitter and here about Aubree. If you want to keep track on twitter my name is @blesshersocks night y'all. Pin It

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