Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Poor Sick Baby :(

Aubree started throwing up the night before last and I felt terrible. Her crib sheet was soaked when I checked on her and she was shaking. I took her to the emergency room even though it was about 1:30am. Our local hospital Lake Norman is useless. They pretty much dismissed us upon entrance because she has Medicaid. Sitting in the room I could hear the staff outside complaining excuse they were tired of patients and wanted to sit down. They didn't come back in the room to check up on how she was doing or anything. They gave her nausea medicine 5 minutes before she was discharged instead of early. They didn't even give her a diagnosis or medicine. Tonight my dad said she looked like she was becoming dehydrated. I took her down to the emergency room at Presbyterian in Huntersville. As soon as I stepped in their waiting room everyone was friendly and so nice to Aubree. The dr didn't seem like he was in a rush and sent her for some tests and gave her medicine. The nurse even fed her pedialyte from a syringe! They were so nice. I will never ever go to lake Norman ever again. She is resting in her crib now. I hope she gets better soon I was gonna take her to see Santa Friday and I really don't want her to be sick on her first Christmas :(. Pin It

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