Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Diaper Mania

So lately Aubree seems to be going through more and more diapers. I've been going back and forth between brands. We normally buy what is the cheapest. I'm starting to notice which brands are actually worth what you pay for and which ones aren't even worth buying just because they are cheaper. I really like Pampers. That's what the NICU that Aubree stayed in were using and I've bought many packs of them. I haven't had her leak out of them yet and they last a good while. Huggies are ok. I don't like them nearly as much as the Pampers but Ive been using coupons on those and was getting them for a really good price. Lord, let me tell ya ll about the Walmart brand diapers. They are terrible. Just in the last week Aubree has leaked out a handful of times. And its not like she has been in that diaper all day. Ill change her and about half an hour later that diaper is so puffy and disgusting. I wouldn't recommend them at all. When i finish this box of them, I will never purchase them ever again. So I know Ive always been told that name brand doesn't matter but in this case I do believe it does.

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