Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aubree's 2 Month Checkup

Yesterday was Aubree's 2 month check-up. She had to get some vaccinations. One in mouth and the other 2 in her thighs. I'm not sure how I feel about all these vaccines. I mean I had chicken pox when I was little and I didn't die and I'm perfectly fine now. Anyways, They asked me all the standard questions about her eating habits and bowel movements, etc. Then they weighed and measured her. She is now 11lbs and 12.5oz. And she was 25inches long. Her weight was in the 50-75 percentile. Her length was in the >25 percentile. Her doctor showed me a graph and where the lines are for all the baby girls in America that are her age she is way above them. She is gonna be a seriously tall little girl. :) She was very fussy last night after we got home. I believe it was because of the shots. Today she seems normal and is chilling in her bouncer at my feet.

This past weekend we spent some time at the lake with friends. I tried putting her in the pool with me and she hated it. She drew her feet up and started crying. So she spent most of her time hanging out in the shade with her Auntie Des.  

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