Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day to Me :)

Yesterday was Father's Day. Now normally you would get a super cheesy card for the father that's from the kid and the dad would gloat over it like the world was in that card. But since Aubree has no father in her life we didn't do any such thing. I consider myself her father, I mean I take care of her 24/7 without any help from the person who should be helping me. He hasn't been around since she was born. I've replaced that role as her father.
 She has an Uncle Jake who I know she will love when she grows up. He is so cute with her. He will carry her around and make funny faces at her and everything its sweet. I know she will look up to him when she gets older and see how great of a father he is to his own son and she will see that not all men are like her father. :)
I do hope one day to find a husband that will love Aubree as much as I do and that will be a father to her. I know I have high hopes and that I should probably set my standards and dreams lower, but I just want Aubree to have the best life possible. I want her to have a ton of people in her life who want nothing more then for her to be happy and love on her. All of this was part of God's plan for her and I and I know he wouldn't give me this situation unless he knew I could handle it. I thank God everyday that he did put me in this situation because I realized how strong of a person I am. I love Aubree more then life itself and I would do anything for her. She is my world.
So to all the single moms out in the world, Happy Father's Day. No one really thinks to acknowledge us one this day because we aren't a man. But we are stronger then anyone else because we are doing everything by ourselves. Whether the dad be a dead-beat, or tragically passed away, we are still the ones who have to hold the family together and work harder then ever to provide the best lives we can for our children.
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  1. How freaking sweet this is! It made me cry! Aubree will have a daddy one day that loves her. She is a gift & a beautiful one at that.

  2. :) you guys are awesome! i know ya'll will always be there for us. thank you! i love ya'll!